Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Memory of Jordan

Today marks two months since our baby boy passed away. In many ways, it feels like it has been much longer than that.  We can't express the impact Jordan's life had on each of us. The most important aspects in life are more basic than all of our complex plans - so simple, yet so hard to stay focused on with our busy lives.  Although we already had a great appreciation for Caleb, our firstborn, our appreciation for him has grown tremendously.  He provides us strength and a thankfulness for each day.

God has continued to provide for us through the generosity of others and by meeting other needs in tremendous ways.  Our local hospital even waived a payment that Daddy had been paying for his own health expenses.  Families provided meals several nights a week during our first month back home.  What a blessing it was to look forward to home cooked meals that we didn't have to prepare! People continue to amaze us with their love and support.

Jordan is brought up in conversation daily.  How much we miss him... How much it hurts that he's not here with us... How thankful we are for the 34 days we had the honor to spend with him.  Caleb talks about baby Jordan frequently. "Baby Jordan is in heaven with Jesus?" "Can we go see him? That would be amazing!" "Can we go to the hospital and play with the balls and see baby Jordan?" "Are you sad because you miss baby Jordan? Well, I'm sad too..."

It turned out to be quite the chore, but Brandi was able to donate all of her milk through CHOP.  It is nice to know that someone will be able to use it.  We know of at least one mom that we got to know at CHOP who got to bring her baby home this month.  We are so excited to hear a survival story about a baby overcoming severe CDH.

We love Jordan greatly and will always treasure the moments we had with him.  We will never forget him.  Others have told us that the pain lessens with time.  For now, we are just thankful that we have each other and are thankful for today.

Daddy made a video for Jordan's memorial service that we would like to share.  Although only a few family members could join us in Philadelphia on this journey, Jordan's life inspired so many people. Our hope is to share the precious few moments that we will cherish forever.