About Jordan

Jordan Joseph is our second born son.  He is definitely related to his older brother Caleb Michael (who turns three in November).  Jordan was born on October 18, 2011 - his actual due date! On June 1, 2011 we received a call informing us the results of our routine sonogram: we were going to have a boy and it appeared that he had a condition known as Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).

(Jordan at 1 day old)

(Jordan at 21 weeks gestation)

We had the diagnosis checked at Topeka and Kansas City - they confirmed that Jordan has CDH.  Sometimes the medical profession will make claims out of precaution to later have them debunked by further tests.  We were heartbroken when we realized our son was in great jeopardy.  Jordan's diaphragm is allowing the contents of his stomach up into the chest cavity.  His heart is being pushed to the right-hand side of his body.

This site will serve 3 important purposes:

  1. Update Family & Friends  Over the next few months it will be impossible to keep everyone up-to-date with the most current events via phone or email.  This site will serve as a central point of contact.  We appreciate everyone's support and want to thank you by keeping you updated.
  2. Inform Others   What is CDH?  We had no idea until we had an encounter with it.  We are hoping this site will provide information for others who may travel this road after us.  Technology provides an opportunity to share information and personal accounts like never before.
  3. Tell a Story   Believe us when we say that sites similar to this have inspired us and given us strength.  It has been invaluable to hear the accounts of other parents who have gone before us.  This journey has been traveled and many have overcome it.  God has shown himself to be merciful and powerful in many of the stories we have heard.  The medical profession allows opportunities that didn't exist before, yet, in almost every account, a miracle has pulled these children from death's grasp.  As much as we want Jordan to survive, this is not about us.  This is his story.  The focus right now should be on Jordan and how we can prepare to give him the best conditions to fight for his life.  Please help us in spreading hope for Jordan.