Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 6, 2011

At our last appointment, we actually got to see Jordan practice breathing. The nurses were very excited to see a strong, healthy baby. The plan is to continue into the pregnancy normally. Brandi will give birth naturally whenever it's time for Jordan to come. Her due date is October 18th. We appreciate everyone's prayers and support for our son Jordan. We are so thankful to see how he is developing in the womb.

Brandi and Michael visited the Ronald McDonald house last week. We signed up on the waiting list as we plan to move there after Jordan is born. It is about 8 city blocks from the hospital and has a shuttle that takes families back and forth from CHOP. The house is designed specifically for families with children who need special care. It is an old mansion that was donated to the Ronald McDonald Foundation. It will work very well for our family. It has two indoor playgrounds and special events geared toward families, such as free haircuts or donated football tickets. Companies donate food and prepare supper each evening for the residents. They even have an electric train that Caleb can play with!

Soon, we will share pictures of the sights we've seen in the city.

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