Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Appointment Rescheduled in Philadelphia

Overall, today was a very emotional day.  We had been excited to get our appointments moving in the right direction.  CHOP was able to move our first appointment up to the 21st of June.  Tuesday will be here before we know it.

Children's Mercy of KC called today to let us know Jordan's lung-to-head ratio is 1.0 - on the wrong side of the severity level.  They also told us that the liver is partially up in the chest - one of the other poor indicators.  To say the least, this was very hard to take; especially for Brandi.  We want to see the best for our son and you just can't believe this is happening.

Brandi has been feeling a lot better after visiting with friends.  It was truly amazing when my boss was able to connect us to a family that has already gone through this before.  In fact, their daughter faced extreme odds and received a fetal surgery.  We've actually got to speak with someone who's daughter has survived!  What an inspiration to stay positive and focused on Jordan's survival.

We have several concerns including the time that's going to be needed for travel and funds.  But those are normal thoughts for parents to have.  Brandi and I give each other strength and we are doing our best to remain in God's peace.

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  1. here is a link i thin you may like, the first story (or it was when i looked, it may have changed) is called my CDH miracle
    I will be praying for you and your family and will be passing this page on to others who will be doing the same