Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good to Be Home

Although we were surprised this morning to wake up at 8:00am without an alarm clock, it definitely felt like we had slept in.  Still tired from a long week, we got up and headed home - a four hour drive from Kansas City to Hays.  We were excited to see Caleb.

When we finally pulled up to Caleb's grandpa and grandma's house, we didn't receive quite the reunion you would hope for as a parent.  Caleb saw us, realized who it was and hid behind their TrailBlazer.  No tears, smiles or big hugs.  Apparently, our son doesn't handle transitions well.  He finally warmed up to us when I gave him his new toy - a set of Velcro frog mittens to play catch with.  As the evening wore on he definitely caught up on hugs and Eskimo kisses as he finally showed us he was excited to be back home.

It does feel good tonight to be in a familiar environment.  We will hold on to a sense of normalcy at least for a few days.  Many big decisions are still coming up and we have more appointments in about four weeks (for both Caleb and Jordan).  Thank God for a safe trip and that, overall, it went very well.

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