Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Pierce - Pyloric Stenosis

What a weekend... Although not directly related to Jordan's Story, our nephew Pierce LaFond had his own experience that we wanted to share.  At only 3 weeks old, baby Pierce began vomiting after each feeding.  His mom and dad tried several different things including treating him for acid reflux with no success.

On Friday, July 8th, my brother called me to let us know they had taken baby Pierce to a regional hospital in southwest Kansas. Pierce, now 6 weeks old, had lost a pound and weighed the same as the day he was born.  He received an IV and was restricted to a diet of Pedialyte, which he still was not keeping down.  My brother thought it was Pyloric Stenosis, but the sonogram wasn't detecting it.  We recommended they move to a hospital that has seen this before.  By that point, they were thinking the same thing.

Saturday morning around 12:45 am, baby Pierce and his mom were loaded on an ambulance and transferred to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.  I met my brother in Greensburg, KS and we drove to Wichita together - arriving at 4:30am, Saturday morning.  It was nice to have someone else there to keep each other awake.  The tests at Wesley did show Pyloric Stenosis - a swelling of the pylorus valve around the entrance to the small intestine.  This usually occurs around 3 to 6 weeks in newborns.  If you are interested, you can read more about Pyloric Stenosis here.

Pierce underwent surgery yesterday afternoon and the surgeon said it was a "cookie-cut case".  They are gradually increasing his fluids and slowly mixing back in his mother's milk.  I've never seen a baby that looked so hungry.  All I could think is, "Boy, will he be glad to finally get a drink of milk."  We are very thankful that our nephew is on the mend.

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