Friday, July 1, 2011

Lullabies for Jordan

While visiting CHOP the first time, our social worker mentioned we could play soft music for our son while he is in recovery. Some infants respond to the stimulation well while others require silence for the most part. We have read accounts of some parents who couldn't talk to their newborn because the extra stimulation would cause their vitals to fall. Others have had good success by playing music.

Several years ago, we bought Plumb's album Blink during our first pregnancy. Her lullabies now bring us more comfort than ever. Each song is filled with a mother's heart for her infant as they remind us how much God the Father loves children. The music is very creative and is enjoyable for both children and parents. We wanted to share the music we are planning to play at Jordan's bedside - for hope and encouragement.

Brandi even relates to the album art.  As a mother, she just wants to protect Jordan from the events to come.  It reminds us to trust in God's protection for our family.

Tiffany Lee (Plumb) on the Album Art ~ "An illustrator named Fernando Juarez from Spain created it. The cover art is such an amazing depiction of what the whole album means. First and foremost, the word 'safe' is relative. We may or may not know the evil or chaos going on around us, but ultimately, if we belong to the Father, we are safe."
'Blink' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'Children of the Heavenly Father' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'In My Arms' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'God Will Take Care of You' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'My Sweet, My Lovely' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'Always' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'My Child' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'Me' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'Solomon's Song' by Plumb | Album: Blink
'Sleep' by Plumb | Album: Blink

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