Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes... Oh My!

As if our trip didn't have enough excitement to begin with, nature has decided to make things more interesting. We have experienced tornado warnings and the strongest East Coast earthquake since 1944. Brandi thought it was a clothes washer that had gotten off balance. Our host's home has walls that are 14" thick and it caused them to move and shake. Thankfully, it was not strong enough to cause damage and everyone is safe.

As we are updating the blog, Hurricane Irene is already moving in. We have enjoyed beautiful weather the past couple of days; even getting the opportunity to grill hamburgers and go to the park. Now, the clouds have moved in and we experienced heavy rain late this morning. It is predicted that we will be on the outside edge of the strongest part of the storm. Forecasts show 7" of rain over the next 24 hours. We are preparing for expected power outages and heavy rain.

Google has a site where you can track the storm on a map: We are currently in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

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