Monday, October 24, 2011

6 Days Old

Jordan has done much better today on ECMO.  He has responded well to the treatment.  They expect Jordan to swell from the inflamation that occurs from fighting the plastics of the machine.  So far, this hasn't happened.  Also, he hasn't needed additional blood as of yet - which is another good sign.

Jordan on ECMO - 5 days old
Brandi says that Jordan is stubborn like his daddy.  He continues to try and breathe on his own today.  What we would like him to do is rest so that his lungs can heal.  Jordan seems bound and determined to do this himself.  They can give him rescues (more medication to make him relax) and modify the settings of the ECMO machine to see if that will help.  When our body has too much CO2 when try breathing harder to exhale the CO2 and bring in more oxygen.  In a sense, it would feel like hyperventilating.

The difference today from yesterday is that the ECMO machine can be adjusted to fit Jordan's needs.  It is doing the work of the exchange so that he doesn't have to.  They have also added an EEG (electroencephalogram) to measure his brain waves.  Since Jordan is on so many relaxants, they would be unable to tell if he is having seizures.  The EEG can measure to make sure he is responding to the ECMO machine successfully.

Jordan is CHOP's 938th ECMO patient.  They have been performing ECMO since May 5, 1990.  As you can see from the picture, the machine is a little overwhelming; especially for parents of a newborn.  You can actually see the blood exit Jordan's body and then get reinserted after oxygenation.  He has been stimulated enough today that we got to see his eyes a couple times.  Those are pretty emotional and exciting moments that we are thankful for.

Praise God that he has responded well to the treatment so far.  ECMO is a one and done deal unfortunately.  Once they come off of ECMO, they cannot go back on - it is the last resort.  It is important that the timing works in his favor.  They are thinking that he may be on ECMO for at least 4 to 7 days - just depending on how the week progresses.

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