Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our First "Experience"

We made it through what they call the "honeymoon" phase. After a wonderful night of stats and progress, this morning was a much different experience. Because of the pulmonary hypertension (pressure on the lungs), Jordan's acid levels were too high. We are supposed to exhale carbon dioxide when we breathe. Jordan was unable to do that effectively on the ventilator.

Brandi walked in as they began hand-bagging our son. That was very hard to watch. Hand-bagging is much more effective at bringing the acid levels back to normal because of the fast ruthmic motion - but it cannot be sustained for long periods. They successfully transferred Jordan to an oscillator. This is a different ventilator that "pumps" the lungs in short, fast bursts. He seems to be responding to this ventilator much better.

We are hoping that Jordan will not need ECMO. At this time, he is oxygenating his blood on his own and does not need ECMO. They are performing an echocardiogram now to understand the anatomy of his heart. Jordan is stable and calm at this moment.

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