Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bath Time (11 Days Old)

Mommy and Daddy got to give our son a bath today. Well, a sponge bath at least. We even got to change Jordan's diaper. Mommy was very nervous to change the diaper - it's not every day you change a diaper of a baby on ECMO. The nurses were so excited to help us out and take part in his first bath. We would post a picture of bath time but Daddy was busy video taping and not taking pictures.

Jordan looked much better today. He has lost much of the extra fluids he gained going on ECMO. We also heard some exciting news from a nurse practioner. The area where the trachea splits into the left and right bronchial tubes (which eventually split into smaller tubes within the lungs) has opened up. This area was collapsed just yesterday. This is an early indication that the lungs are opening up. The whole purpose of ECMO is to allow the lungs to open and the pulmonary vessels to relax and heal. The lungs may begin to open up in the next few days.

At birth, we take our first breath and it fills our lungs and expands the airways. For babies with CDH, they simulate this by inserting a breath of air in the lungs. The lungs can then collapse as the pulmonary hypertension causes so many issues wih breathing. Jordan's lungs collapsed and his heart was overworked. Once his lungs open up, they will wait to see when his heart and pulmonary vessels are ready to give this another shot.

Another very good day for Jordan.

Update: We were later informed that it is ECMO itself that causes the lungs to close as a result of the inflammation. ECMO only allows the body to rest; it does not heal anything. In fact, Jordan's body is now recovering from going on ECMO. Once the fluids in his chest cavity lower to a normal amount, his lungs will open back up.


  1. Brandi and Michael, We read each day's report with great interest and eagerness, as we experience vicariously the ups and downs of Jordan's health situation. Thank you for taking the time to share the story with those of us who are watching and waiting for Jordan's condition to stabilize and for the time when he can have his surgery. Love from Bala Cynywd. Page

  2. We are so thankful to have so many friends and family hoping and praying for Jordan. We are glad to know that the updates are helpful and interesting. Jordan is leading this journey but he sure has a lot of loving support. There are attributes that we enjoy at our new location, but we miss the feeling of "home" in Bala Cynwyd. Thank you for providing a safe place to turn to.

    Michael, Brandi, Tammi & Caleb

    P.S. Caleb has wondered where Mazy and Page's house is. :-)