Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jordan is Going On ECMO

The doctors decided it was best to put Jordan on ECMO. This is similar to a machine used during open heart surgery. Plastic tubes will be surgically implanted into the large blood vessels in Jordan's neck. Blood exits the body, is oxygenated and, then,inserted back into the body. The idea is to give Jordan's heart and lungs rest. This allows the lungs to slowly reverse the inflammation that has occurred from use.

Jordan will still be on a ventilator, it jut won't be doing much work. This will allow them to adjust it over time to see when he's ready to come off of ECMO. The dangers of ECMO are very significant. It can cause internal bleeding because of the thinner they have to give him. Also, ECMO interacts with the child through a large piece of plastic. Plastic is not natural for the body and runs the risk of infection, etc.

The only good news that we have to report is that because Jordan lasted so long without ECMO, they believe he has enough lung volume to survive - he just needs a rest.

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