Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jordan's First Hours

We watched as Jordan was stabilized for about an hour after birth. They mentioned that he is feisty - the first drugs they gave him didn't faze him. He was still fighting them as they gave us a chance to look at him before they moved him to the NICU. It is hard to tell, but it looks like he will have dark brown hair and and brown eyes.

Everything is going as well as possible for the first few hours of his life. Brandi has started her routine for pumping and Michael gives Jordan the colostrum. This will help build up Jordan's immune system. He is currently on antibiotics, an IV, ventilator, nitric oxide and an anesthetic. He has responded very well to the treatment thus far. His last blood gas reported good enough results that they are already planning to try and wing him off the nitric oxide to see how he handles it. The nitric oxide helps ease the pulmonary pressure from everything being in his chest. How he handles the next day or two can determine what kind of treatment he will need and when he will be scheduled to have the repair.

Thank you to everyone for such amazing prayers and support! Brandi did amazing today with everything - labor, the emotions of being here in this situation, not getting to hold her baby after giving birth, etc... She is going strong and determined to help Jordan as much as possible. Caleb even got to see baby brother. He was excited to meet his little brother we've all been talking about.

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  1. Praise God every thing is going so well! We will be continuing to pray for Jordan and the rest of you. You all have a rough road ahead. You are already doing amazing. May God continue to bless you with strength and peace!