Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Labor Update

As it was with Caleb, Brandi reached a 9 fairly quickly and things have slowed down. Normally, they would break the water and delivery would continue. However, Brandi tested positive for Group B strep infection. That means there is a chance that Jordan could become sick after passing through the birth canal. This is not that uncommon and can be treated by giving Brandi Penicillin. She was treated with antibiotics when we arrived and she is scheduled for more at 5:00 Eastern. After the second treatment, they can break her water.

GBS does not affect Brandi and we definitely do not want Jordan to become ill - that's why they take precautions. Most likely, Jordan will be born in the next few hours. Brandi is doing well and is resting while we wait for the second treatment.

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  1. Happy to hear all is progressing well Michael. We are praying for you here.