Saturday, October 1, 2011

Train Paradise

Train Paradise... Well, the destination of our 45 minute train ride was actually Paradise, PA. Only a few buildings were located in the middle of this countryside. Caleb was speechless as the train whistle blew and the engine came to life on the coal-burning train. We may as well have been in train paradise.

We are getting close to the due date for Jordan and decided to relax this weekend by visiting Strasburg, PA. Situated in the the beautiful Dutch countryside, Strasburg offered a welcome retreat where we were surrounded by corn, dairy farms, tobacco and, best of all, trains. Not only did we get to ride in a beautifully restored train, we got to see the Choo Choo Barn - a 1700 square foot motorized model train. The people, animals, cars, trains and airplanes moved. It even altered from daytime to nighttime - house and car lights turn on at night. It was amazing!

We hope you enjoy pictures from our day.

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