Sunday, October 23, 2011

Five Days Old

Jordan had another rough day.  His stats remain low and he is having trouble bringing them back up.  Anything that causes tension seems to give him trouble.  His lung muscles are strong and if they constrict, they put tension on the pulmonary vessels.  They are doing everything they can to relax him but other factors make this almost impossible right now.  Even having a bowel movement can lower his stats.

Jordan receiving a rescue
They have tried several things today to help him out.  His bedding was changed so that he can lay flat - the way he was laying may have put too much pressure on his chest.  He was suctioned out because too much fluid is building up in his lungs.  The doctors are currently changing out his breathing tube because it may be accumulating build-up and may not be large enough.  Jordan is also receiving red blood cells/hemoglobin to raise his oxygen count.  Every time they need do a blood gas they have to draw blood.  Jordan's liver cannot keep up in the production of blood which makes his heart work harder to move blood around.  It is the hemoglobin that carries the oxygen to the rest of the body.

Hopefully things will come together for Jordan this evening and tonight so that he can continue recovery.  The hospital is baffled since Jordan was doing so well the first few days.  They have a few more tricks up their sleeve, but the concern is that Jordan may need to go on ECMO.  We have been praying for another family we met whose son was on ECMO.  They were scheduled to remove their son from ECMO today and back onto a ventilator.  Judging from their response, we believe it has been successful so far.  It was nice to be introduced to another family in the hospital.

Tonight we are praying peace for Jordan. He is not relaxing and trying to do the work the ventilator is supposed to be doing. These are critical moments for him.

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