Monday, October 31, 2011

Older Brother is a... UPS Man (13 Days Old)

The Ronald McDonald House is big on holidays and helping the kids find a way to have fun.  For Halloween, they offered costumes and candy so that the kids could participate in games, trick-or-treating and eating sweets.  Caleb had first dibs at the available costumes.  He doesn't recognize Spider-man, Superman or Batman.  No, he chose to be a UPS man.  Caleb was so thrilled tonight to wear the UPS outfit.  Everyone at the Ronald McDonald House loved his outfit and several people had to take pictures of the cute little boy dressed like a UPS man.  That's our boy...

Caleb - Dressed as a UPS man for Halloween Party
Jordan is almost two weeks old and had the best day he's had in terms of stability.  Jordan has been easily agitated by the presence of others or physical touch.  Today, however, he was able able to recover and calm down on his own without needing rescues (additional drugs to calm him down).  For the first time, he did not appear to be crying or struggling when awake and looking at us.  Brandi played Plumb's album Blink for him today and he seemed to really enjoy listening to it.

Jordan - 13 days old

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