Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Weeks Old!

This evening, Jordan will turn 3 weeks old. The team has made their rounds for today and a plan is in motion. An overview is that they are trying to catch up on products and let the lungs heal. Jordan is losing a lot of blood from the chest tube and the V.A.C. patch. They are trying a combination of things to get the blood to clot in Jordan, but not in the ECMO circuit. One of the new things they will try on Jordan today is a specific blood test to try and determine what exactly may be lacking in his blood. For example, he may need factor 7. This test may or may not work.

Jordan's chest X-ray looked better today. They will try different vent settings to keep those lungs opened up. We still need him to pee. That will continue to be critical today.

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