Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Caleb!

Although today was actually Caleb's birthday, the entire weekend was filled with fun events for the little guy. Grandma and Grandpa Legleiter, Grandma LaFond, Mommy and Daddy were able to throw together a birthday party for Caleb on Friday evening. We wanted to celebrate before Grandpa and Grandma had to head back to Kansas. Caleb was very surprised to see that there was such a thing as a Thomas the Train ice cream cake!

To our surprise, Caleb received a few packages in the mail as well. On Saturday evening, Caleb thoroughly enjoyed opening cards and presents from both close friends and mere acquaintances. We even heard feedback that he may receive a few more gifts tomorrow in the mail. We wanted to write a special "Thank You" to everyone who has sent something to Caleb for his birthday.  It was important for us to spend this time with him and make the memories around his birthday special.

The Ronald McDonald House even gave us free tickets to the Please Touch Museum.  Ever since Caleb spent time there this summer, he has frequently reminded us that he would like to go back.  Mommy and Daddy took a break from the hospital today to take Caleb to the museum.  What a special opportunity to take him back there on his birthday.  He had so much fun!

Caleb is definitely experiencing the impact of being away from home.  He has handled the change extremely well.  He sure enjoys spending quality time with Daddy when he gets the chance.  Today was a special day and Daddy took the opportunity to have fun with Caleb this evening.

Caleb - 3 Year Birthday Party

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