Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4 Weeks Old and Counting

We are hoping for good x-rays tomorrow. These are critical moments for Jordan. The team listened to Mommy's advice and gave Jordan the nebulizer treatment today, which seemed to help. They will also give him medicine tonight to try and help the lungs stay open. Jordan had a "cloudy" x-ray tonight that may have been the result of medicine in the lungs. We sure hope that's the case since the medicine can be absorbed. His hands and feet were blue today. It appears that the additional blood products helped him get his color back this evening.

We received good advice from a friend tonight: that there is a reality outside of life at the hospital. We are with Jordan everyday by his bedside - through all the ups and the downs. What we see and what we feel are two different things right now. Jordan's x-rays have been confusing to say the least. His lungs looked great last night and then he had a disappointing x-ray this morning. He had a great x-ray this afternoon and then a disappointing x-ray this evening.

That's what we see. What we feel is hope. Confidence that baby Jordan is resilient. Faith hat God has this child in his hands. Love that surpasses understanding. As our son's life hangs in the balance, we have to know who God is and who we are. We are where we are supposed to be. We are confident in the person God created Jordan to be. Let thanksgiving and praise spring forth from our mouths - no complaining here. This is Jordan's story - and we are so thankful for our beautiful son.

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