Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ECMO Technician is a 24 Hour Job

Just what we needed - an adrenaline rush before the surgery. Grandma LaFond and Brandi were visiting Jordan when a connector cracked on the ECMO circuit. Blood had leaked all over the floor and sent Brandi running for the doors.

Everything is okay besides the fact that Jordan will need even more blood now. The ECMO circuit did what they designed it to do. Instead of pulling in air to the circuit - and possibly into Jordan - it leaked out because of the negative pressure. We had just visited with the head of ECMO yesterday about his view that an ECMO technician should man the circuit 24 hours a day. This definitely proved his point that something can happen at any time. The ECMO technician said he's seen that happen once in 10 years.

Made everyone's heart skip a beat...

Jordan is scheduled to have surgery in about 2 hours (3:00pm Eastern). Two other kids were scheduled ahead of him and we keep getting bumped back. The term we keep hearing around here is "CHOP time".

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