Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home At Last

Our arrival home wasn't dramatic. We rolled in under the guise of night. By three in the morning, traffic was sparse. It was strange to walk into our house after all this time. Our first comment to each other was that it looked better than we remember. Caleb barely slept at all on the way home because of his anticipation. His reaction upon seeing our home for the first time in months was priceless. He slowly took it all back in as he began remembering his own toys and bed. Every room was inspected and named before he could calm down to go to sleep.  "This is Caleb's room.  This is Mommy and Daddy's room.  Here's my toy box with all my toys."

Although hard to comprehend that Jordan cannot be with us, we are very glad to be home. Many thanks to everyone who helped purchase food and stock our refrigerator and pantry for our arrival. That was very thoughtful and helped more than you know.

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