Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jordan's Lungs Opened

We just got the news that Jordans's lungs opened back up! Daddy sure thought it would happen last night. Now we are preparing for the next phase: surgical repair. Dr. Adzik will determine if Jordan should be repaired on or off ECMO. Both options have risks and benefits. They will let Jordan determine what he can handle by adjusting the ventilator and the ECMO circuit to see how he reacts to the changes. Timing will be extremely important over the next several days.

They are only able to see the right lung on the chest x-ray. This is not uncommon because the left lung can be hidden behind the stomach, which is in the left side of his chest. Only after the repair will they be able to determine the left lung volume. We believe he has lung volume on the left side that will need time to heal, but we will have to wait and see.

From the comments on Jordan's picture yesterday, many people have said he looks a lot like Caleb. Daddy's comment was, "God is gracious. He made our sons to look like Mommy."

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