Friday, November 18, 2011

Sayonara ECMO - Hello Ventilator

Just like that - ECMO is gone. It is a welcome feeling. The only part of ECMO that we will miss is the exceptional team that came with it. The Jim's, Lyne, Mike, Chris... They were all exceptional; not to mention, they were around long enough that we got to know them pretty well. Jordan's room seems much bigger without the ECMO circuit taking up what little space there was to begin with.

Jordan handled the surgery well. His heart and lungs are doing the work now. At this moment in time, he is on the conventional ventilator and 65% oxygen. That could change at any time depending on what is best for Jordan. It will just take time to determine what settings are best for him. His carbon dioxide levels are a little high - that's the only number that doesn't look to good right now.

Dr. Adzik said they had trouble stopping Jordan's bleeding after the cannulas were removed. The heparin should wear off in about four hours. That should definitely help solve so many of the bleeding issues he's facing. They will keep Jordan heavily sedated until his body has adjusted a bit and things start to calm down.

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