Friday, November 18, 2011

Decannulation is Underway

Dr. Adzik and the rest of the team began removing Jordan from ECMO at 2:30pm EST.  The cannulas are being removed from from the vessels in his neck.  No longer will Jordan's oxygenation be performed by a machine.  The hope is that he can now recover because his blood will not be traveling over a foreign circuit.  There will be no reason to continue heparin.

Just before the OR team asked us to leave, Jordan opened up his eyes and started moving his hands and feet.  It was if he was waving waving goodbye and letting us know he was okay.  We overhead the nurses talking about how much sedation he needed.  "We need to increase it to 0.3," one said aloud as she saw Jordan move a little.  "0.6!" another exclaimed after he opened his eyes.  Mom and Dad weren't surprised.  Jordan is a big, tough little boy and he's proven that he's hard to sedate.

Baby Jordan - Just Before Being Removed from ECMO

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