Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy One Month Birthday Jordan!

We can't believe it! Jordan is already one month old. Although he's already had his fair share of critical nights, the next 24 hours will be extremely critical. His heart and lungs will try to adjust to doing the work they were created to do. All night tonight, the neonatologists will fine tune the settings on the ventilator, switching to the oscillator if necessary. They were kind enough to mention to Mommy that a good night's rest would be better use of our time than watching them modify settings all night. It's funny how that advice went over better coming from a neonatologist rather than from Daddy :-)

Overall, Jordan made great progress for his first month of life given all the challenges he has faced. He made it about four or five days before going on ECMO. He had a successful repair of the hernia. Tonight, he was able to come off ECMO. In terms of milestones in overcoming CDH, Jordan has made great progress. He still has a challenging road ahead of him. His lungs need to continue growing and his hypertension will need to improve greatly.

Jordan has defied the odds so far. His liver was "up", which was the most significant indicator of how severe his herniation was. He was on ECMO for 26 days. The average length of time a CDH patient is on ECMO is 14 days. It is hard to put into words how severe Jordan's condition is, but he is such a strong little fighter.

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