Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Lungs Have Started Opening

It started with what appeared to be a setback.  Jordan's chest tube had stopped draining last night.  The sonogram made it appear that is wasn't due to a blood clot in the chest - today proved otherwise.  The team decided to go into the chest tube and clean out an accumulation in Jordan's chest.  Although they couldn't be certain this early on, the team thought that another blood clot was forming.  On top of that, they decided another chest tube would need to be inserted - this time, on the the right side.

Baby Jordan - 3 Weeks 6 Days Old
The operation was successful.  About 50 milliliters of blood was removed from Jordan's left chest.  They were also able to determine that the chest tube on the right side was not needed - Jordan was laying a little sideways in the sonogram.  After they removed the blood from his chest, the left lung opened up (which is the smaller of the two)!  They were also able to see a portion of the right lung as well.

Earlier today, the bronchial scope showed that the breathing tube was completely blocked off with junk.  They were able to clean that out thankfully; before it started causing issues.  Hopefully, with the progress that was made today, Jordan will continue to get rid of what little excess fluids still remain and open those lungs up in tomorrow's x-rays.

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