Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surgery was a Success!

The neonatologist and and attending surgeon had smiles on their faces as they delivered the good news: Jordan's operation was a success.  Jordan handled the surgery very well and they were able to remove about a cupful of blood from his chest.  You could tell that they are hoping we are turning a corner for the better.  The fellow mentioned that the x-ray looked much better as well.  They remain hopeful that through the night things will start to calm down inside Jordan and he can heal.

At this time, Jordan is stable.  His right lung is partially closed and the left lung is fully closed.  We need him to get rid of those extra fluids and let those lungs open back up.  Jordan desperately needs to come off ECMO, but only when the timing is right for him.

Praise God for a successful surgery and for a wonderful medical team!

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