Monday, November 7, 2011

Praying for a Window of Opportunity

Today, Jordan is basically where he was yesterday in terms of status - before last night's events.  He has plateaued.  We are still praying for pee today.  He desperately needs to get rid of the extra fluids in his body.  Everyone here (family and CHOP) desperately hopes that he will not need a circuit change.  Jordan cannot be removed from ECMO until his lungs open up - his lungs will not open up as long as he retains fluid.  We are praying for that window of opportunity to open - when he can be removed from ECMO and placed on the ventilator.

They were able to change his vacuum patch today without issue.  Although they have not detected anything with the EEG in terms of seizures, the sonogram of his head this afternoon showed a bright spot.  The concern is that this could be bleeding in the brain.  We are desperately hoping that's not the case.  It will take them a while to read the ultrasound and do some more tests.

Jordan - 2 Weeks 5 Days old
Last night took it's toll on Grandma and Grandpa Legleiter :)  They will be flying up here tomorrow to visit for the remainder of the week.

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