Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Going Home

As we left the hospital for the last time, it was hard to comprehend that we would never return. No more trips to the hospital to spend time with our son. Our lives were turned upside down and inside out to be here for our little man. Now that Jordan has move on, we just want to go home.

Even Caleb knows that it's time. He wants to know where his friends are and where our "blue house" is... Caleb will soon be able to find comfort in his familiar routine.

We will miss the company of our new friends in Philadelphia. Our host family, Paige and Jim, became our family in their love and support. The ECMO team at CHOP had no choice but to spend every day with us as they supported our son's life. They are exceptional at what they do and were welcome company. They were always willing to answer our questions and provide a sense of stability when things seemed out of control. The nursing staff that provided Jordan's care 24 hours a day; especially Kristen, who appeared to be Jordan's favorite. He had his best days of life when she helped with his care and she was there the day of his death as well. It was her caring touch that made that dreadful day as beautiful as it could have been for us.

We have nothing to hold us here anymore. Our plan is to leave Philadelphia today. It will take about three days to get home. The long drive will be therapeutic.

Jordan's site will continue to be useful. We are working on the details of a memorial and will continue to post updates as we can.

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