Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rest & Relaxation

Baby Jordan received spa-like treatment today.  Okay, so CHOP is not the Four Seasons Hotel, but everything was done to make sure that Jordan was completely comfortable.  Throughout the day, he was repositioned, had his fingernails cut, his bedding changed and had the tape residue removed from his chin.  Daddy even got to massage Jordan with moisturizing lotion.  Jordan apparently liked all the attention.  He looked at Mommy and Daddy today as we spoke to him and it appeared that he was smiling at us.

The team told Jordan that they are going to increase his Lasix this evening.  He took the threat seriously and increased his urine output on his own.  They are suctioning him out about every 4-6 hours to make sure they remove the fluids that build up in his airway/trachea. His nurse thought his airways sounded a little better today - still praying for a good x-ray.  So far, only the bronchi are visible on the x-ray.

Unfortunately, Grandma and Grandpa Legleiter already had to leave today. They made it back to Kansas City safely. We will sure miss them.

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