Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steps in the Right Direction

Jordan has really taken it upon himself to get better. His urine output increased so much yesterday that they decided not to increase Lasix. In fact, his blood pressure was too low and he was dry. They stopped scuffing the volume from his blood products so that he can keep peeing. His weight indicates that he has lost a lot of the extra fluids from inflammation.

He has stopped bleeding in his chest tube again; only this time it is not due to a blood clot in the wrong spot. An ultrasound of the chest looked good. The chest x-ray this morning was the same as yesterday - the lungs are still closed. CHOP is going to perform a bronchial scope this afternoon to see why the lungs are having trouble opening. Brandi - utilizing her mommy's instinct - told the ECMO team yesterday that Jordan is coming off ECMO on Tuesday. He has made progress since she made the comment. Only time will tell if she's right. We continue to pray in thanksgiving for the breath of life.

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