Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Day of Rest

Mommy, Daddy and Jordan were all exhausted today. The grandparents helped out greatly by keeping Caleb and Jordan company at CHOP while Mommy and Daddy rested for a couple hours at The Ronald McDonald House. Jordan was able to rest as well. One of the nurses said that Jordan's had lost less than 1/3 of the blood lost yesterday. His urine output has been very good as well; especially for not receiving Lasix yet.

All things considered, Jordan is such a tough little guy. So many members of the CHOP team comment on how resilient he is. We found out that he even opened his eyes and looked around when they were changing his circuit today - after knocking him out with drugs! Jordan looked right at Daddy today when when he spoke to him. What a beautiful and amazing boy! He is showing the team that he is going to do things his own way...

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