Friday, November 11, 2011

A Call for Prayer: Praying for a Great X-ray

A close friend of ours shared a precious story with us today that has inspired us. She was visiting with a pastor and Jordan's story came up in their conversation. The pastor had already heard of Jordan and his family has been praying for us. The pastor's son is a first or second grader.  He told a story of how his son had recently prayed for another little boy who was very sick.  He felt that they needed to pray for the "paper-clips."  It turns out that the sickness this little boy had experienced looked like paper-clips on a microscopic level - a pretty incredible story!

After looking at pictures of Jordan from the website, the pastor's son said we need to pray for Jordan's x-ray.  We were amazed that a kid we don't know would be led to pray in this way for our son.  Jordan's x-ray is actually the critical sign of healing that the medical staff is looking for.  He has had so many issues with bleeding.  To truly stop this cycle, Jordan needs to come off of ECMO.  The only way he will come off ECMO is to have his lungs open up. Jordan has an x-ray performed every morning to determine if his lungs are open or not (the x-ray machine actually looks like a little fire truck - see picture below).

X-ray Machine at CHOP

The Jordan's Story website has been more crucial than we ever imagined.  We are very impressed with how many people are keeping track of Jordan and praying for him.  The ease of accessing information has a powerful way of connecting us.  Below is our prayer for Jordan for those who are interested in joining in:

"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." - Genesis 2:7

"Lord, you knew our son before he was born and he was beautifully and wonderfully made.  We worship you as the God who fills Jordan's lungs with the breath of life.  We pray for Jordan's x-ray Father - that he would be able to sustain life on his own and come off of ECMO. Amen."

P.S. We are so thankful that this story was brought to our attention...

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